Sunday, November 1, 2020

Big Marlin Jump fishing in Puerto Vallarta with PV Sportfishing



Big Marlins love warm water between 80-87 degrees in the middle of the ocean this is what makes Puerto Vallarta such a great feeding ground there are 2 hot spots for Marlin 36 miles from the Marina Vallarta a rock named Corbetena, and 50 miles offshore is the Bank these are the 2 places where all the bigger Puerto Vallarta Sportfish are caught. The Bank or El Banco is basically huge under water island where the seas can go from 1,000 to 200 ft in seconds. PV Sportfishing encourages and supports catch and release with all Billfish We do fish Marlin tournaments that youcan see from all the Marlin photos but on regular day's other then Marlin tournaments captain Steve catches and releases 90% of the Billfish. Puerto Vallarta fishing is blessed as 1 of the best Marlin fishing grounds in the world and We want to keep it that way. When the water cools down You can also catch Striped Marlin. Striped Marlin are much smaller and average size in Puerto Vallarta is 60-120 lbs and the best time of the year to catch is February - April.

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