Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Team My Marlin Win Marlin Tournament with 500 lb + Black Marlin

 Team My Marlin Win Marlin Tournament with 500 lb + Marlin in San Blas Mexico.  

Epic fishing International Tournament 3 days of great fishing and good times Marlin fishing in Mexico. 

Day 1 

1st day of the tournament captain Steve decided to head north we had spotted some big Dorados in the same area the day before and decided to test our luck but it was cold not even a bite. 


Day 2 

Captain Steve said today we will go offshore to El Banco and troll big live baits for Marlin.  Around 10 am We had a big bite.  The Marlin bit a live Skip Jack leaped in the air and took off at a rapid speed.  The line was screaming as the fish sped away but 1 hour 10 minutes later the big fish was on the boat. The Marlin put up a great fight which made for a awesome video.  Team My Marlin set a new tournament record with the Marlin which weighed in at 517 lbs!


Day 3 

We hit the bank again and there was alot of bait and smaller Tuna.  Team My Marlin hooked 3 smaller Yellowfin Tuna in the morning all about 30-40 lbs then decided to troll back slow and see if we pick anything up anything big.  Around 1 pm We had a big Dorado strike the crew reeled in the big Dorado in about 10 minutes and We headed back. The first 2 days there had not been any qualifying Mahi Mahi/ Dorado so we headed back for weigh ins and thought we had won 1st place Dorado also but 10 minutes to 6pm.  We were knocked down by .8 of a kilo so we took 2nd place Dorado/MahiMahi with a 33 lb Dorado and 1st place Marlin  with 517 lb Black Marlin.  Great Sportfishing Tournament We will definitely be back next year.




Sunday, November 1, 2020

Big Marlin Jump fishing in Puerto Vallarta with PV Sportfishing



Big Marlins love warm water between 80-87 degrees in the middle of the ocean this is what makes Puerto Vallarta such a great feeding ground there are 2 hot spots for Marlin 36 miles from the Marina Vallarta a rock named Corbetena, and 50 miles offshore is the Bank these are the 2 places where all the bigger Puerto Vallarta Sportfish are caught. The Bank or El Banco is basically huge under water island where the seas can go from 1,000 to 200 ft in seconds. PV Sportfishing encourages and supports catch and release with all Billfish We do fish Marlin tournaments that youcan see from all the Marlin photos but on regular day's other then Marlin tournaments captain Steve catches and releases 90% of the Billfish. Puerto Vallarta fishing is blessed as 1 of the best Marlin fishing grounds in the world and We want to keep it that way. When the water cools down You can also catch Striped Marlin. Striped Marlin are much smaller and average size in Puerto Vallarta is 60-120 lbs and the best time of the year to catch is February - April.

Puerto Vallarta fishing charters 

28 ft My Marlin
Puerto Vallarta fishing charters
35 ft Cabo 


Monday, August 3, 2020

Puerto Vallarta fishing regulations

Puerto Vallarta Fishing Regulations 

What are the regulations for fishing in Puerto Vallarta? Do I need a fishing license? 
Yes you need a fishing license to go fishing in a boat

Do I need a fishing license to fish from the beach in Puerto Vallarta? 
No you do not need a fishing license for fishing on the beach.  

How Many fish am I allowed to catch on my fishing charter? 
The Catch rules for fishing charters in Puerto Vallarta 
Each Sportfishing angler on the boat is permitted to catch up to 10 fish each day, but can only catch 5 of 1 specific species.  Also each angler can only catch 1 Billfish each day no matter if its Sailfish or Marlin.  Anglers can also only catch 2 Dorado/MahiMahi or 2 Roosterfish per day.  Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin, and Roosterfish count as 5 fish of your daily 10 fish catch limit.  You can also catch and release as many fish as you want no matter the species which is always encouraged. 

Can I sell my fish I caught on My Puerto Vallarta fishing charter? 
No it is prohibited to sell any fish that was caught with a Sportfishing license. 

Puerto Vallarta fishing charters 

28 ft My Marlin
Puerto Vallarta fishing charters
35 ft Cabo