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For those of the you that have never been fishing in
Puerto Vallarta Before there are 2 big hot spots for
300+giant Yellow fin tuna, huge blue and black marlins!
El Banco and Corbetena. if your looking to catch record
braking fish you need to be in 1 of these 2 places
depending on the currents and season the thing about
Puerto Vallarta fishing that separates it from the rest is  
that You can catch a nice sized bill fish all year around.
Now that's not all Puerto Vallarta fishing has to offer you
can also hit el morro or off the point or even in the bay
and still catch mahi mahi. smaller yellowfin tuna, sailfish,
Pompano, red snapper, wahoo, bonita, and Jack
crevalle. feel free to contact us
info@puertovallartafishingreports.com to see what's
biting  Puerto Vallarta. If You have a Puerto Vallarta
fishing report or photos that You would like to post on
Our site please
click here.

Click here to see video's from September, October,
November and December to see what you have to look
forward to in the upcoming months fishing in Puerto
Vallarta Mexico

Captain Steve torres  wins 1st place Marlin at the
7th international Marlin and Tuna tournament in
Puerto Vallarta Mexico August 10 2013
Captain Steve Torres

We had a great time this last weekend even though no
one caught any Tuna or Dorado I think every boat
caught a Marlin at El Banco. Day 1 We departed from
paradise village at 7am and reached the bank a little
after 9am. The team caught live bait and We started
trolling the fishing was very slow for us all day just a small
Sailfish nibble in the morning but then a little after 3pm
We had our first Marlin strike then another and just like
that We had a double hook up.  But since it was already
after 3 pm and We needed to be back at the dock by 6
pm We did not have time to tangle with both so Freddy
let his go and the crew started Reeling the big Blue 1
hour 10 minutes later the blue Marlin was on the boat
and We were racing back  hoping to make the 50 + mile
ride back before 6pm Well captain Steve did it again and
We were back at the dock with 3 minutes to spare. The
Marlin weighed in at 576 lbs taking 1st place at this years
Annual Marlin and Tuna Tournament.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report July/21/13
Cow Yellowfin Tuna over 300 lbs!
Captain Cesar Perez
Boat Super panga
The Summer is officially here the weather has been
heating up and so has La Corbetena and el Banco
with those big game fish Puerto Vallarta is Known
for captain Steve Torres boated the first Blue Marlin
of the season aboard the
My Marlin at El Banco and
Captain Cesar Perez landed a Monster 300+ LB
Yellowfin Tuna at Corbetena both fishing spots have
also been red hot with Sailfish and Dorado
Corbetena has also been producing some big  red
Snappers. The Cow Yellowfin Tuna have been
biting live bait Skip jacks and live goggle eye the
blue Marlin bit a live skip Jack.  The Sailfish have
been biting a variety of bait dead live and also lures
slow trolling. Inside banderas bay we have been
catching smaller Dorado/ Mahi Mahi. Smaller tuna,
Jack Crevalle, also on the south side of the bay has
been a few Sailfish on lucky days .

Puerto Vallarta fishing report June 2013

Report by Ryan Senecal
Captain Luis Torres
I went on a 10 hour charter last week  We started
hooking into fish around noon time and put some meat in
the cooler. I caught 2 yellowfin tuna, and my girlfriend
caught two as well. Another two hours later is the climax
of the story. At approximately 2:00PM, the line on a reel
started flying off the spool. Way out in the distance I saw
a fish hooked and jumping across the ocean. Another
tough 15 minutes later, I had landed a 56 inch (4ft 8inch)
Bull Mahi Mahi. I was overwhelmed with excitement while
the fish was flailing in the back of the boat. My girlfriend
Nicole got nervous because of its size and didn't want to
get hit with the tail, so snapped numerous photos from
the Capt's chair above deck

Puerto Vallarta fishing report May/2013
by Robert Rodriguez
boat Bella Del Mar - 28 ft Super panga.
Captain Hector
Just got a chance to write down about our trip to Puerto
Vallarta where we had great time fishing. Moni and
Hector put us on the fishing the first week for two days of
great fishing on the Bella del Mar. The first day
we fished north of Punta Mita and caught 10 Jack
Cravelle (20lb range), 5 rooster fish (20 to 25lb range
and 5 Pargos with one in the 30 lb range. The second
day we fished the Banco Norte off the islands where we
had 12 strip Marlin strikes and landed 3 in the (100 to
150lb range). Moni and Hector are great people and can
put you on the fish as well as feeding you with Moni’s
great ceviche. see more info on the
Bella Del Mar

Puerto Vallarta fishing report March 2013
Boat 35 ft Cabo yacht
captain Steve Torres
report by Ben Hourani

My son and I took an overnight from Nuevo Vallarta  
March 1st to the 2nd with Captain Steve, Freddy, and
Alex aboard. We left at 2 am and went to sleep in the
comfortable forward sleeping quarters. I awoke during
the early am hours as nature called and noted that we
were pulling a Panga behind us. I thought that we had
stopped to help a disabled Panga and went back to
sleep. We were awakened by Captain Steve yelling get
your a.... up were hooked up on a nice tuna. We rushed
out and no sooner than we were on deck another hook
up occurred. Now my son (33y/o) and I were both hooked
up on the biggest tuna of our lives and virtually giddy and
unable to stop smiling.

We were out 70 miles or so and it was the fishing trip of
our lives. Totals were 21 tuna and 4 dorado. Steve is a
kite master and to see a tuna hit a Caballito is like a
bomb exploding on the surface of the sea.
SPECTACULAR!!!!! After it was all said and done we had
two around 180 lbs and 12 in the 100 lb range, with the
smallest about 45 lb. One dodo was around 35 lb and the
rest smaller. The crew was first class and Steve
confirmed why he has won so many tournaments. This
guy is part fish! The crew was magnificent as well. We
lost only one of every 5 hook ups which is pretty good for
this size tuna. We hooked several ourselves which is
read more here Puerto Vallarta fishing report March 2013

Puerto Vallarta fishing report August/2012
boat Gaviota
make Super panga
visit website
Captain Cesar Perez

My wife and i recently got the chance to fish with Cesar
Perez on August 21st at La Corbetana. The day started
out a little slow, but Cesar had told us earlier to expect a
later in the day bite. Sure enough, around noon we
started getting hit trolling live baits and around 12:30
hooked our first tuna. While i was fighting the first fish we
doubled up and hooked another about ten minutes in to
my fight. We were able to put four 100 plus pound tuna in
the boat, and got probably a dozen strikes. Cesar even
helped my 105lb wife reel in a tuna in the 130-150lb
range. My wife usually doesn't enjoy long days on the
water but she has never had more fun than
fishing in
Puerto Vallarta. I have fished with alot of different
charters throughout Mexico, but i have never had a
better experience than i did with Cesar. He and his
deckhandwere constantly working like crazy to put us on
the fish.He even made fresh Ceviche for us to eat on the
boat,and prepared a ton of frozen tuna for us to take
home. I couldn't have asked for more especially for the
price.Cesar is a fun guy to fish with, and i will be back next
year for sure. Thanks Cesar, see you soon amigo!
Chris W see ,
see more photos

Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 2012
report by Rod Hooley
Charter website
Well I met Capt'n Steve aat the marina and
he said are you the only one coming and I said yes and
he said are you sure you can reel all these fish in and I
laughed and said ya right I can handle anything you can
hook me up with so we went to the banks and hooked
and lost a sail fish and lost a dorado. It was slow and
know one out there seemed to be having much luck so
Capt'n Steve then decided to head to Corbetina and on
the way there we caught a nice Dorado but the excitement
of the day was hooking up with a huge marlin took out
more line than I thought possible then stopped jumped
flipped and tail cut the line. I was in shock we had him the
whole time he made his run and then in a split second he
was gone. I have never in my life seen a reel spool out
that much line that fast Freddie was pouring water on it
as fast as he could trying to keep up with the heat OMG
what a thrill it was. It was one of the most absolutely
amazing things I had ever seen or experienced. We then
went on our way to corbetena and put the kites out and
ended up landing six tuna. I was fishing by myself so after
catching six of these hogs Capt'n Steve said we had just
time enough for one more run and I told him I was spent I
couldn't land one more fish I was absolutely exhausted
and absolutely overwhelmed with my experience with
these to professional fisherman. I wouldnt think of fishing
with anyone other than these guys.

April/2012 - Puerto Vallarta fishing report
427 lb Yellowfin tuna report by Fox News
n saltwater fishing's version of baseball's infamous pine
tar incident, an angler who reeled in a world-record
yellowfin tuna had his home-run catch called back --
because a deckhand touched his fishing pole as he
fought the mighty fish.

Robert Pedigo hooked the 427.9-pound fish last
Thursday and fought it for a half-hour before bringing it
aboard the "Journeyman." But everyone on board
agreed that Danny Osuna, a local captain working that
day as a deckhand, blew the record by touching Pedigo's
pole during the battle between man and beast off the
coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The rules say an angler
can't have any help pulling in a fish if he or she wants to
make history.

"I do this for a living and we're really hardcore
fishermen," Osuna told FoxNews.com. "We have caught
a lot of fish in the high 300s, but this is the first time
we've caught something like this."

Osuna admitted touching Pedigo's fishing rod,
disqualifying the catch from consideration by the
International Game Fish Association. But he said Pedigo,
who could not be reached for comment, isn't too broken
up about the technicality.

"We're fine with that," Osuna said. "Actually, we never
even thought the fish would be that big."
read more

Puerto Vallarta Mexico 56th Annual Marlin and
Sailfish Tournament
November 12-2011.
Captain Steve Torres a does it again this time winning at
home at the 56th annual Marlin and Sailfish Tournament
with a 481 lb Black Marlin. Captain Steve Torres caught
the Tournament winner the 2nd day of the 3 day
tournament with live bait on a downrigger trolling  the
canyons at El Banco.  We started the day at 1 am lost 2
smaller Marlin early in the morning but it was all worth it
when this 481 lb black Marlin hit the decks about 12:30 in
the afternoon. This is the 6th tournament won in the last
year and half and the crew just keep hooking big Marlin.
after starting the year off winning by a land slide in Barra
de Navidad, then winning and braking the record in San
Blas  Captain Steve Torres came home to win both
tournaments here in  Puerto Vallarta 1st in La Cruz in
July the here at the 56th annual Marlin and sailfish
tournament November 2011 even with the back to back
wins captain Steve still did not beat his own record that
he holds from 2007
. See video

Puerto Vallarta September /15/2011
bboat Pacific
make Super panga
visit website
CaptainCesar Perez

Bg time fishing right now inshore and offshore in Puerto
Vallarta right now
are btiting a like crazy alot of the dirt lines great time for
beginner fly fisherman or any angler for that mattter the
big grouper s are biting at elmorro on the orick, and the  
Yellowfin tuna contiinue to be gowing in size  in size at
Coerbetena upto 260 lbs and lots of black marlin being
caught at the bank and Corbetena Puerto Vallarta fishing
does not get much better then this lots of actions for fami;
y's and anglers and big time Game fish offshore.

633 lb Marlin Report Puerto Vallarta August 25/2011
report agnlger Larry Hanyes
Captain Steve Torres
\visit website
Fished again this year with Captain Steve Torres

BLUF: Feeling like the second luckiest guy in Vallarta -
caught a couple cows last year and this year it was a
622lb Blue Marlin with Steve and Freddy's help.Met Capt
Steve, Freddy, and our new amigo Joel at the light house
at 0600. Then it was off to the rock.Made it to Corbetena  
about 0800ish to find poor weather, more
logs and stumps in the water than you can shake a stick
at (ha ha), and off-colored water.......BUT, there was lots
of bait working and tuna (50-100lbers) jumping all over
the place.
Unfortunately, we just couldn't get them to bite. We threw
everything at them, (including the neighbor's kitchen
sink!) but just
couldn't get them to bite.

Fortunately, the weather and water color improved for the
fternoon and we finally stuck a sail about 3 pm.
read more

Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 15 2011
Captain Steve Torres

visit  website
Puerto Vallarta fishing does not get much better than
this!  El Corbetena has been the hot spot for Marlin
averaging 100-400 lbs. , Yellowfin Tuna and Sailfish ,  
also a couple Sailfish were caught last week  outside of  
el morro.  Lots of  smaller tuna’s, and Snapper ‘s,  and
some Sailfish at Marrietas Island,  And  of course there is
Yellowfin tuna everywhere inshore either infont of Yelapa
on the southside of Banderas bay  or Marietas on the
north side.  Inshore tuna's expect 10-40 lb’s.  Offshore
Tuna’s averaging 50-150 lbs We have not seen any
cow's yet  but caught 6 nice Tuna’s yesterday and they
seem to be getting bigger in size everyday  so get ready
for some Cow Tuna reports soon .  

Captain Cezar Perez
boat Make 26 ft Super Panga
Boat name
website -visit website
There is alot of Yellowfin Tuna inshore and offshore the
Marlin bite and Sailfish bite is red hot at LA Corbetena
and El Banco We caught 3 blue Marlins at the rock
yesterday I will submit the Marlin photos soon.  

Read and see Boat Gaviota client reviews and video's

August 02/2011
Captain Hugo Acre
boat make 34 Sea Ray
Boat name Totoaba
website visit wesbite

lots of Tuna inside the bay right now ranging from 15-40
lbs great inshore fishing We caught 6 tunas in just a 4
hour day yesterday all about 20 lbs also heard on the
radio lots sailfish action at the Islands but we staybed
inshore this week.

read client and see boat Totoaba reviews and video's  

Captain Steve Torres

Day 1 fishing tournament July 15
The boats set out at 7 am Captain Steve had caught 4
marlins the previous week and had marked a couple hot
spots around the rock, the crew caught
some bigger live baits and we starting trolling just after
10 am we had our first hook up Steve hit the throttle and
the fight was on and rthe team reeled in the 335 lb
Blue Marlin in an hour and a half . The rest of the day
was pretty cold after that but we had our trophy fish.

Day 2  of the fishing tournament July 16
We had a big rain Storm that lasted all night and
continued into the early
morning for the ride out by 9 am  it was clears sky's.
same time as the day before 10 am we had our first hook
a big Sailfish to bad this is not a Sailfish
tournament so the crew released the Sail and We
starting trolling again but no more bites we starting
heading back to the marina at about 4pm we had
heard 2 other marlin catches today on the radio so we
were running back with
. Read more

Puerto Vallarta fishing report June -05-2011
Captain Steve Torres

Day 1
1st day of the tournament captain Steve decided to head
north we had spotted some big Dorados in the same
area the day before and decided to test our luck but it
was cold not even a bite.

Day 2 Captain Steve said we are going to the bank to
troll some big live baits and catch a Marlin around 10 am
thats exactly what happened the black hit a live skip jack
leaped in the air and the fight was on1 hour 10 minutes
later the beast was on the boat great fight great video of
the black marlin leaping in the air the Black Marlin set a
new record for San Blas Tournament 517 lbs!! Day 3
We hit the bank again
read more

Captain- Hector
boat Bella Delmar
boat- 28 open center console
visit website
The inshore fishing grounds are started to heat up it was
a tough couple weeks with water temps cooling down and
dirty water but this week things have picked up lots of
Roosterfish and big  Afican Pompano at el Morro we went
out last week on a 8 hour day caught 4 roosterfish one
big one over 20 lbs great game fish. There is also a lot of
big game yellowfin tuna but offshore past el banco there
is warmer water and lots of life and the average Yellowfin
tuna is over 150 lbs.

Puerto Vallarta fishing report January - 29-2011
Captain Steve Torres
Charter- Puerto Vallarta
website -
visitit website
Barra De Navidad Fishing Tournament January 2011 -
with PV Sportfishing Charters
Captain Steve Torres crew win 1st place team in Barra
de Navidad tournament
Great week of fishing from start to finish. We prefished
the day before the tournament checking out the fishing
grounds it was perfect conditions nice warm water 80-82
flat blue sea's our first bite of the day was a small striped
Marlin probable about 60 lbs jmark reeled her in quick
and Freddy pulled the Marlin aboard for a quick photo
and then released her to be caught later.

Day 1 of the tournament We headed out aboard the Ana
Maria at 8 am, same great conditions clean warm water
and alot of stripers about 40 miles offshore. We had our
first hook up about 11 am Captain Steve Torres yelled
hook up and the crew were in the  fighting chair ready to
go We reeled in a small striped Marlin 26 kilos in about
15 minutes and back on the hunt,  2nd hook up came
about an hour and a half later  caught by Freddy
Rodriquoz a little bit bigger in size 29 kilos,

Day 2 Same plan we hit the fishing grounds about 8:30
am and the bite was cold for us, until about 2 pm when
we found a Mahi Paradise they were jumping everywhere
as soon as we had one in the cooler another was ready
to be gaffed We caught 22 in total 7 that qualified.

Date December 2010
Captain Steve Torres

Puerto Vallarta fishing report December 2010
Puerto Vallarta fishing report December 6 and 7 / 2010
Weheaded out on a overnight trip aboard the Ana Maria
with CaptainSteve Torres, what a trip We hit the outer
Islands around 8 am the firstday and had our first hook
up about a hour later first the crew started reeling her in
and javier hooked another Yellowfin on the front of the
boat it was the first double hook up of the day both tuna's
were about 100 lbs , next we had our 2nd double hook
up of the day both a little bigger in size about 120, Day 2
we circled the Island  in the morning
picked up some skip jacks and starting a slow troll
Freddy Hooked  2 smaller footballs in the morning  about
20 lbs then had a big hook up around 2 PM this one beat
the rest by far probable around 200+
Click here to read more reports and  video's of
fshing in December 2010

Angler Report September /20/2010

Captain Steve Torres
For years I've had the dream of catching a 200+lb Cow,
but never dreamed that I would catch a 200+ lber and a
300+ lber in the same trip!  My wife, son Eric, and I fished
with Captain Steve Torres
Day 1 Met Capt and crew at the lighthouse at 0600, did
the meet and greet thing, got food, fuel, bait and on our
way. Hit the rock, made bait rather quickly and lines in
the water just as fast as the bait was coming in.
About 0920, and raining like heck, the first bite was on.
Our son Eric was in the driver's seat and it was "game
on" for the next hour on a 200+ pound Blue. After that,
things went cold for a couple hours when the next bite
was on. The battle didn't last long, because the hook
either pulled, or the fish spit it out. I just know that it had
some real shoulders on it. A bit later we bagged a 75 lb
yellow fin and things went quite again....Capt Steve said,
the bit will turn back on about 1 p.m., so we just cooled
our heels and trolled around to see what we could pick
up. Like clock work, at 1:04 the next bite was on.....then
off.....a bit later....another.....and then off.....then
another......Dang it.
Click here to read more

Captain Steve Torres
Marlin and Tuna Tournament La Cruz Nayarit
it was a great tournament 1st place Marlin was 479 lbs
and 2nd place Marlin was 294 lbs no records broken this
year but still alot of fun 1st place went  captain Steve
Torres and 2nd place to the Luis Ramos both Marlins
were caught on the 2nd day of tournament 1st place was
hooked early 8 am and they pulled it into the boat around
noon 2nd place was caught around 11 am by Jmark
with team
Tiburon - Captain Steve Torres

Captain Victor
Boat Bella Del mar
Make 28 ft center console
the sailfish are everywhere right now the summer rain
has started so expect then it normally stay's clear after 8
am. We had a nice triple crown yesterday only fishing a 8
hr day along the north shore we caught a 7 and 1/2 ft sail
ealry moring about 8:30 am then I spotted a
a big branch in the water with a couple of dodo's/ mahi
mahi not to much size but still fun action and dinner, after
that we hit off the rock dropped some lines down a
caught 2 nice snappers, both about 10 lbs.

Captain Steve Torres


Puerto Vallarta fishing report- www.puertovallartafish.com
The Sailfish have moved in even closer inside banderas
bay just a little north of Bucerias this is a great time of the
year especially for first time anglers who have never
caught a billfish a Sailfish is a great start and puts on
quite a show. the bay is also producing lots of smaller
grouper 5-8 lbs great to eat.  Yellowfin tuna are still
boiling around El Banco getting a little bit bigger from last
week average size this week is 120-200 lbs . we also
released a nice 300 lb Blue marlin right outside of
Corbetena so its a good sign the rock is started to show
some life. the Yellowfin tuna are biting live bait drifting,
the blue Marlin bit a black and purple lure  and the
Sailfish have been biting live goggle eye's casting and
dead bait trolling.

Captain Steve Torres
Date May/30/10
Captain Steve Torres does  it again, taking home 3 cars
at last weeks 19th annual Marlin tournament held in
Topolobampo Sinaloa Mexico, catching the largest Marlin
since 1997 6 lbs short of the tournament record 415 lbs!
The blue beast was caught with the first 50 wt Tiburon
Reels on the Market custom made for Captain Steve, with
130 lb IGFA Spectra and a 100 yards of top shot 100 lb
Mono Philament Diamond Momoi. She bit a live Skip Jack
trolling a little before 1 pm. We fished 2 days before the
tournament learning the fishing grounds. The first
morning Captain Steve found a nice structure at the
bottom of the ocean perfect for big Marlin fishing 4 miles
west of the farallon rock so We decided to fish that area
with live bait the whole tournament. The first day of the
tournament We released 3 striped  Marlins and lost a
blue the 2nd day the water temps were a little higher 80.1
and We struck gold I mean Blue!!
see video here

Captain Steve Torres
website www.puertovallartafish.com
Date March/21/10
Puerto Vallarta fishing report.
Captain Steve Torres does it again catching a huge
Black Marlin in March!  Every Angler in Puerto Vallarta is
asking themselfes have the big Puerto Vallarta fish
arrived early?  It would not be a surprise with late tuna
bite still boiling at El Banco and a now this huge black
Marlin caught at el Morro that this is definitely going to be
a interesting  Puerto Vallarta sportfishing season.
The guys heading out a little after 7 am for a short 6 hr
day we went in between the rocks at Islas marrietas and
El Morro fishing for Jack Crevalle and Roosterfish,
when captain Steve Spotted a big fin popping out of the
water he trolled to the direction where he had saw the fin
going  and boom around 9:30 am  We had a big hook
up! which ending up being  almost a 6 hour fight with a
638 lb Black Marlin! The Marlin bit a live bait bullet
tuna on a Tiburon 30 Reel and Calstar 58 graphite Rod
at El Morro.  If that is not a test for  fishing gear I don't
know what is? After the hook up first on the reel was
client Gennelly Wall She put up a good fight for about an
hour then passed the rod along to Tomas Pisker. " the
Marlin was jumping and diving I was tired out" Tomas put
up great fight for 2 hours then it was up to the crew 2
hours later the marlin took its final leap and was tangled
in the line so we had to pull him in total time 5 1/2 hours
on a  Tiburon 30  reel aboard theCabo Yacht

Boat Gaviota
Make open Center Console Super panga
Captain Jose Cruz,
Date March/20/201
We took out Annie and Steve Hopson and Had great day
13 roosterfish in a 8 hour day, we fished with live bait on
the north side of the point of punte de mita, the bite
starting very early 6am, and was one after another until
noon then it slowed down and we caught one needle fish
and that was the day total 13 Roosterfish biggest one
was about 23 lbs and 1 needle fish.

Captain Steve Torres,
Boat Sirena
website www.puertovallartafish.com
Date March /05 2010

Puerto Vallarta fishing report March / 5 /2010
Captain Steve Torres Has been on a tuna hunt even
though it is late season Captain Steve found a great boil
of Yellowfins but way offshore about 20 miles past the El
Banco so it is about a 70 mile run from the Marina
Vallarta.  We left the docks last Tuesday a little before 4
am hit the fishing grounds about 7 am, and right as we
approached the Island we saw a nice flock of birds and
smaller tuna’s “jumping just like
the other day” Captain Steve “said smaller tunas jumping
early and the big bite in the afternoon after 2pm” We had
a first hook up after about 15 minutes drifting and casting
live bait, nice little footballs about 30-40 lbs great Sashimi
to start off the day, after we boated the first tuna we
caught up with the School and as soon as we starting
drifting again, there was another bite then another then 1
more all about the same l.size 30 -50 lbs that got
everyone’s blood going we kept catching one after
another with 1 more triple hook up, then at about 2 pm
we decided to get a little further away from the Island and
try for the bigger tuna’s we drove about a mile Captain
Steve spotted some birds and we were back on top of
them. Then we all saw a big splash in the water behind
us much bigger then we had seen all day and 5 minutes
after that we were hooked up again this Yellowfin had a
little more size about 120 lbs to
top the day, total count eleven Yellowfin tuna’s-30-60 lb
range and one that was about 120 lbs.
Puerto Vallarta Snorkeling
Snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta
los arcos, Islas marrietas.